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Roofing On-Tap provides a full range of services to repair and maintain your tile or slate roof, including repairing roof valleys. Our experienced roofers and tradesmen apply years of experience to repair or replace all types of valleys. They work effectively and carefully to restore the look of your valleys to provide your property with the best possible protection from the elements. Our expert roofers and tradesmen will also re-slate and re-tile any adjoining areas of the valley that have become damaged, as well as repair and replace metal flashing.

About Roof Valleys

The points where two sloping sides of a roof’s exterior meet are called valleys. These areas of the roof can be constructed from various materials, including lead and fibreglass. Many valleys are also pointed with mortar. Roof valleys were traditionally closed with shingles, while newer builds increasingly feature open valleys made of metal, lead, or fibreglass with metal flashing, shingles, slate, or tiles on opposite sides. Open valleys offer enhanced protection from water and the elements, since the metal allows water, ice, and snow to move more easily down the valley of the roof.

Fitting and Repairing Roof Valleys

Roofing On-Tap can fit, repair, or replace valleys on your roof. Whether you are rebuilding your roof or simply wish to replace or repair your roof valleys, our dedicated roofers and tradesmen will work with you to design and build valleys of the highest quality. Our roofers and tradesmen will also repair or replace any damaged tiles, slate, shingles, and metal flashing that connect to the valleys.

Re-pointing Roof Valleys

Over time, mortar, sand and cement on a valley can erode or crack. Every few years, valleys should be re-pointed to restore the mortar and improve the look of your roof. Roofing On-Tap’s professional tradesmen and roofers have the experience and skill to re-point valleys on your roof with the highest quality mortar and sealants to provide you with a durable repair and the best possible protection against water-related damage.

Benefits of Repairing Roof Valleys

The structure of a roof’s valley can become compromised over time, either by erosion or damage from the elements, or simply from regular wear. Valleys become susceptible to leaks as they crack or wear. Leaking valleys can result in water and damp related damage in your roof, loft, or attic. Repairing or replacing damaged valleys will ensure they do the best possible job in draining rainwater, snow, and ice, which will protect your roof from these types of problems. Repairs will also improve the aesthetics of your roof, which can add value and restore personal pride in your property.