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Tiling/Slate Work

Roofing On-Tap’s roofers and tradesmen are experts in covering pitched roofs with durable and well-crafted tiles and slates. From heritage properties to new builds, Roofing On-Tap delivers stunning results with high standards of workmanship and quality. If you are building new roof and require tiling or slating, or if your need repairs to restore your existing tiled or slated roof, Roofing On-Tap delivers high-quality tiling and slate work. 

Roof Tiling

Roofing On-Tap’s skilled roofers and tradesmen have experience in tiling and re-tiling roofs of all types and sizes. They can build, repair, or restore your tiled roof with clay or concrete tiles. Our roofing specialists can tile sections of your roof, replace individual tiles that are missing or damaged, and tile or re-tile entire roofs. We stock a wide range of tiles, including clay and concrete tiles of various colours and finishes to meet your individual design requirements. We can also locate reclaimed tiles to match your existing tiles, particularly for heritage properties.

Roof Slating

Our roofing specialists are experienced in all types of roof slating. Roofing On-Tap only uses high-quality natural and manufactured slate to provide your roof with an attractive and classic look. We stock a wide selection of manufactured and hand-crafted slates, including various styles and colours to meet your needs. When restoring or repairing slated roofs, our detail-oriented roofers and tradesmen ensure any replacements are matched to your existing colour and style. They will order replacements, and use Roofing On-Tap's extensive network of contacts to locate reclaimed slates when tiles are no longer manufactured. 

Quality Service and Workmanship

Roofing On-Tap uses the best available tiles and slate to ensure durable and reliable protection for your roof, and an attractive finish that is visually appealing and adds value to your property. All our tiles and slate are also covered by long-term manufacturer warrantees. During installation of tiles or slate, our qualified tradesmen and roofers can also carry out all works required to ensure your roof is protected from the elements. In addition to professional tiling and slate work, our roofing specialists can also fit and repair all components of your roof, including any masonry work and brickwork, and all types of metal and lead work. 

If you need single tile or slate repairs, or if you require complete tiling and slating, call Roofing On-Tap today for a free and honest quote.