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Replacing Roof Tiles

From its base in the Brighton and Hove area, Roofing On-Tap delivers sound, high-quality roof installation and repairs throughout Sussex. Our detail-oriented roofers and tradesmen provide expert repairs to all types to tile and slate roofs, including superior tile repair and replacement. 

Benefits of Replacing Roof Tiles

Over time, roof tiles can become displaced, weathered, chipped, or cracked, as well as fall from your roof. Replacing roof tiles can help restore your roof and revitalise your building, as well as add value to your property. Replacing damaged or missing tiles will also help protect your roof bedding and property from the elements, which can help prevent water and damp related damage.

Roof Tile Replacement

Many damaged roofs can be repaired and restored simply by replacing tiles. Our roofers and tradesmen can repair sections of your roof, or re-tile the entire roof depending on your requirements and the extent of the damage to your roof. Skilled and experienced roofers and tradesmen can replace damaged or missing clay, concrete, or slate tiles with new or reclaimed tiles. Regardless of the size of the project, you can be confident that Roofing On-Tap will deliver value, superior customer service, and high-quality results.

Matching Your Tiles

Roofing On-Tap works closely with you to ensure any replacement roof tiles we use match your existing tiles. Our roofers and tradesmen will visit your property and identify the tiles needed, and then work with our manufacturer and reclaiming network to identify matching new or reclaimed tiles. For many listed properties, local authorities typically require that you use reclaimed and matching tiles when your roof is repaired. For older properties, our dedicated tradesmen will ensure matching reclaimed tiles are used to complement the heritage features of your building. 

Before we order any tiles, we will show you samples of the matching tile to ensure you are comfortable with our choice. If we are unable to find matching tiles, we can work with local clay kilns to reproduce tiles. The option to reproduce tiles is typically cost-effective with a clay tile roof, although it may not be feasible for concrete or slate tiles due to the cost of replicating the original tile.