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Dormers can enhance your property by adding value, space, and light. Whether you want to repair or fit a dormer to your roof, Roofing On-Tap’s experienced roofers and tradesmen will provide you with high-quality craftsmanship and unbeatable service. 

About Dormers

A dormer is a part of your building that protrudes from the roof. Many dormers have windows and are typically part of an upper floor, loft, or attic. Dormers can have tile or slate sloped roofs, or have a flat roof. Dormers are often installed as part of a loft or attic remodelling. They add light to your loft or attic to help create a stunning new living or storage space for your property. Adding dormers, as well as converting your loft or attic, can also enhance the value of your property.

Creating High-Quality Dormers

Roofing On-Tap can meet your maintenance and repair needs, including re-pointing and re-tiling dormer roofs, repairing valleys and ridges, replacing windows, and completing other repairs to your dormers.

Our Full-Service Commitment

Customer satisfaction and high-quality workmanship are two of our main priorities. Roofing On-Tap will work with you every step of the way to fit dormers to your roof, including drawing up plans and seeking planning permissions. With our partners in the On-Tap Group, we will provide you with high-quality service and unrivalled craftsmanship as you remodel your loft or attic. From electrical and plumbing requirements, to flooring and boarding, to window installation and insulation for your new space, expert and experienced tradesmen with the On-Tap Group can create a new loft or attic to the highest of standards. Above all, we are committed to creating a space that meets your requirements and aspirations.