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Lead Work

Roofing On-Tap provides all types of lead work related to your roof, including lead sheet roofing, lead flashing, step flashing, and soakers. Our expert tradesmen and roofers also deliver expert lead work for gullies and run out gullies. From small repairs to help preserve lead work on your roof to major restorations or laying new roofs, Roofing On-Tap delivers durable and reliable lead work for any project type and size.

Benefits of Lead Work on Your Roof

Lead work is crucial to ensuring your roof remains watertight and protected against the elements. When installed properly, lead can provide decades of protection for your roof and property. For example, lead work offers long-term protection from potentially damaging water leaks and seepage, which can cause damp-related problems and damage to your roof and in your property.

Lead work Services

Tradesmen and roofers with Roofing On-Tap are experienced in delivering high-quality lead work for both flat and pitched roofs on domestic and commercial properties. Roofing On-Tap is pleased to offer all types of durable lead work for your property, including cladding, valleys, bays, gullies, and other lead work for your roof. Our experienced tradesmen and roofers can also provide high-quality lead work for your chimneys or lay new lead sheet roofs. 

High-Quality Lead Work

Roofing On-Tap’s skilled tradesmen and roofers ensure that your roof is laid to the highest possible standards, and they have the skills and experience necessary to complete all aspects of lead related work on your roof. Our tradesmen and roofers will work with you to determine the best type and thickness of lead required for your roof, and they will provide you with a range of options and accurate quotes for any lead work to be undertaken on your property. Roofing On-Tap’s goal is to offer you solutions that provide long-term protection for your roof and property, including protection from potentially costly water and damp related damage that can arise from poorly laid lead work. You can be confident that our detail-oriented and qualified tradesmen and roofers deliver expert fitting and welding, and work carefully to provide you with safe and durable workmanship.