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Firewalls are fire-proof barriers that help prevent the spread of fire between adjacent buildings / within buildings. Roofing On-Tap's skilled roofers and tradesmen design and install firewalls that are attractive and complementary to your property. Above all, our committed and detail-oriented tradesmen and roofers install effective firewalls that maximise your protection against the spread of fire. We will also repair, render, and re-render walls to ensure durable resistance to water and damp.

Firewall Installation

Roofing On-Tap roofers and tradesmen can work with you to design and install firewalls on a variety of residential and commercial buildings. Whether you are renovating your property or just remodelling your loft or attic space, Roofing On-Tap can install a firewall between your property and the neighbouring building. Our qualified tradesmen can also install firewalls between rooms within your home or business. Insulated firewalls are built up to the roofline, where they are finished with a sheet metal cap to maximise protection from water damage. These caps, which are also known as parapets, also help protect the wall from weathering and regular wear and tear. Once installed, firewalls are treated with a damp proofing course to help prevent rising damp and the occurrence of other water-related problems.

Firewall Re-rendering and Repair

Over time, firewalls and parapets can become damaged or worn from the elements, as well as from general wear and tear. Generally, older firewalls and parapets are also likely to not have been treated with damp proofing when they were originally installed. This lack of protection can allow water to seep into the walls, which can lead to damage and damp-related problems. Roofing On-Tap’s experienced tradesmen can re-render and waterproof existing firewalls on your property, as well as repair or replace leaking firewalls and parapets. Our tradesmen can apply sealants and a damp proofing course onto existing firewalls to better protect them from water and damp. Any damaged or worn lead flashing from the parapets will also be replaced, ensuring a full-service and high-quality repair to your firewall.