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Roof windows can enhance the aesthetics of a property by creating a stunning feature that adds natural light and a unique perspective to a room. Roof windows can help redefine your room and add value to your property. Roofing On-Tap is proud to install VELUX roof windows, and our qualified roofers and tradesmen follow manufacturer specifications to ensure a refined finish and watertight product. 

Roof Window Installation

  • Roofing On-Tap can design and install durable, high-quality roof VELUX windows for your property. Our skilled roofers and tradesmen install a variety of roof windows to complement and enhance you property, including centre-pivot and top-hung roof windows. 
  • Centre-pivot windows are available in white polyurethane or pine finishes, and can be installed with a remote controlled system so you can open a window with the touch of a button. VELUX Centre-pivot roof windows can be installed on roofs with pitches between 15 and 90 degrees. 
  • Top-hung roof windows allow you to fully open the window for an unobstructed view, and are also available in pine or white polyurethane finishes. VELUX Top-hung windows can be installed on roofs with pitches between 15 and 55 degrees. For installations on roofs with pitches of 55 to 75 degrees, special springs can be pre-ordered before we install the roof window.
  • Flat roof windows can be installed as either open or fixed windows, and our roofers and tradesmen can install state-of-the-art technology that allow you to open your window using a remote control. VELUX flat roof windows also feature the option to install a built-in sensor that detects rain and closes your window automatically. Our roofers and tradesmen can also install Kerb mounted roof windows, which are angled to allow rain and dirt to drain easily. All flat roof windows are available in either a pine or white polyurethane finish.

Sun Tunnel Installation

VELUX Sun Tunnels can be designed and fitted by our qualified installers to bring light to even the most isolated rooms in your property. These systems include a tunnel that allows natural light to travel from your roof to a room’s ceiling. Sun tunnels can be installed on roofs with pitches of between 15 and 60 degrees. A discreet ceiling diffuser unit is installed to spread light throughout your room, and only a small amount of space is needed to fit the tunnel in your loft space. 


Since 1941, VELUX has provided roof window products that are designed and tested to the highest of standards. VELUX is committed to durable products and extensively tests their roof windows to account for a wide range of weather conditions. You can be confident that when a roof window is installed on your property, it will stand up against to the most extreme wind and water exposure and conditions. VELUX products are also energy efficient and are designed to international standards, and their factories are also ISO 9001 certified.