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Moss Removal

Roofing On-Tap can restore the appearance of your roof by removing moss growth from your property. In less than a week after applying our effective treatments, your roof can be moss free. Just like all our roofing work, you can expect courteous and professional service from our roofing specialists when they are hired to clean your roof. In addition, you can be confident that our detail-oriented roofing specialists will take care to effectively clean your roof without damaging your property. 

Benefits of Moss Removal

Roofs with moss can look tired, dated, and neglected. Removing moss helps restore the look of your roof, making it more attractive. A moss-free roof gives your property a well-maintained appearance, which can add value and visual appeal. Removing moss also protects your roof. Moss grows primarily in vertical joints between tiles and at the end of the tile. This causes water to flow where tiles overlap, which can result in water and damp-related damage to the roof’s structure, as well as erode pointing and other fixtures on your roof.

Our Roof Cleaning Services

In addition to clearing moss from your roof, Roofing On-Tap can remove all algae and lichen growth. Since the extent of moss growth can vary from property to property, we approach each roof with tailored treatments to minimise the cost to you. For less sever cases of moss growth, we use effective and environmentally friendly wash sprays. In more severe cases, we apply a pressure washing system to remove moss from your roof.

About Our Moss Removal Service

Roofing On-Tap uses the best available products on the market to effectively remove moss from the surfaces of your roof. First, our roofing specialists gently sweep off any debris from your roof to maximise the effect of the chemical treatment. Then, our safe and effective treatment is sprayed on to your roof. In a few days, the moss will wither and fall off on its own with the help of the elements. In some cases we gently apply pressure washing systems to clear off moss from your roof. Our skilled and trained roofing specialists take the utmost care when cleaning your roof and removing any moss growth to avoid any damage.