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Step Flashing

Roofing On-Tap provides a wide range of lead works for your roof, and all types of roofing services and repairs that help protect your property from your elements. Our skilled and experienced roofers and tradesmen can fit and repair step flashing on your roof, including fitting and repairing lead sheet step flashing. 

About Step Flashing 

Step flashing is used along vertical surfaces on your roof, including around and alongside chimney stacks, skylights, and walls. Lead step flashing provides durable and reliable waterproofing for your property, and can offer your roof decades of protection against the elements. Step flashing is typically made from L-shaped sheet metal or plastic that is placed around joints between the roof and a chimney, wall, or window. In addition to lead, step flashing is also available in copper, aluminum, and other materials. 

Step Flashing Fitting

Our expert roofers and tradesmen can fit step flashing on all types of flat and pitched roofs. Our skilled roofing specialists will carefully shape and customise the flashing on-site, and will carefully fit step flashing along chimneys and walls, as well as around any skylights or roof-lights on your roof to provide you with maximum protection. After fitting step flashing to your roof, our detail-oriented roofers and tradesmen will point the flashing with a durable sealant, such as mortar. Our roofing specialists have extensive experience in fitting lead step flashing, as well as step flashing made from aluminum, copper, and other metal and plastic materials.

Step Flashing Repairs

Roofing On-Tap can repair and replace any existing step flashing on your roof that has become damaged, bent, or degraded. Our qualified roofing specialists will carefully assess your roof to identify any issues with your step flashing, and provide you with options for repairing and restoring the flashing. Our roofers and tradesmen can repair step flashing made from lead, copper, aluminum, and other types of sheet metal, as well as step flashing made from plastic materials. They can also re-point any step flashing on your roof with a durable, high-quality sealant where the existing sealant has become chipped, cracked, or degraded.