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Roofing On-Tap provides high-quality installations of new tile and slate roofs, as well as reliable and durable repairs to all types of roofs. Our roofers and tradesmen have extensive experience in fitting and repairing metal, aluminum, and plastic flashing on roof valleys, hips, abutments, and junctions. Our detail-oriented and courteous roofers and tradesmen can fit, repair, or replace individual lead, metal, and plastic soakers on properties of all shapes and sizes to give your roof the best possible protection from weathering.

About Soakers

On tile and slate roofs, soakers are the metal or plastic flashings found between each course of tiles or slates. They offer your roof protection from the elements by keeping out rain from the sides of the roof that slope, for example at a hip or valley. Soakers are also used on junction points and lines where tiles or slates meet walls or windows on your property. Traditionally, soakers are made from lead sheeting, but they can also be made from aluminum, zinc, or copper sheeting. Soakers can also be made from plastic materials. They can be shaped on site in the case of soakers made from lead or metal sheeting, or pre-formed in the case of plastic and some types of metal soakers.

Soaker Fitting and Repairs

Roofing On-Tap can install soakers on all types of tile and slate roofs. Our expert roofers and tradesmen will shape and fit lead soakers to your roof, as well as soakers made from metal, including aluminum and copper. They are also experienced in fitting pre-formed soakers made from various types of durable plastic. Our roofers and tradesmen are also available for roof repairs involving soakers, and will replace any damaged soakers on roof valleys, hips, junctions, and abutments. 

Skilled Workmanship and Quality Service

Roofing On-Tap’s experienced and skilled tradesmen and roofers do not cut corners. They will ensure the maximum amount of protection for your property. Soakers will be fitted under each course of tiling or slating at all junctions and abutments, as well as roof hips and valleys. Once installed, the soakers will be secured with lead plugs and carefully pointed with mortar to ensure the best possible protection for your roof. Prior to commencing any work, a Roofing On-Tap roofer or tradesman will carefully inspect and assess your roof to determine what work or repairs are needed in order to provide you with an honest, no obligation quote.