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Parapet Gullies

If you need any lead related work for your tiled, slate, or flat roof, look no further than Roofing On-Tap. Among our wide range of services are services related to parapet gullies and gutters. Our skilled and experienced roofing specialists can carry out work related to lead lining to improve water drainage, including fitting and repairing parapet gullies and gutters on a variety of roof sizes and types. 

About Parapet Gullies

Parapet gullies and gutters are located along the edge of your roof, and help remove water from your roof. These lead linings are found between masonry or timber parapets and your tiled or slate roof. Gullies are also located on the ground alongside your property, and are designed to remove water from your guttering and collect water before it enters a drain. They play an important role in draining water from your property and protecting your home from the potentially damaging effects of water and damp. 

Benefits of Parapet Gullies

Parapet gullies and gutters play an important role in protecting your parapet. Joints in brick and stonework on parapet walls are vulnerable to damage caused from water penetration, including damage caused during freezing during colder winter months. Fixed parapet wall weathering linings such as lead gullies and gutters provide the protection needed to preserve the beauty of your parapet walls. In order to make sure they are effective, parapet gullies and gutters must be regularly maintained to ensure they are unblocked and are draining water correctly.

Our Expert Services

Roofing On-Tap can fit functional and attractive parapet gullies and gutters for both residential and commercial properties. Our trained roofers and tradesmen can tailor parapet gullies and gutters to meet your requirements and maximise protection for your parapet walls. Roofing On-Tap offers a wide range of gulley and gutter styles and colours to match the style of your property. In addition to fitting new parapet gullies and gutters on your property, our professional roofing specialists can also repair leaking or damaged gullies and gutters to improve water drainage. Our tradesmen and roofers can also apply expert brickwork and masonry skills restore and repair parapet walls that have been damaged or degraded due to water penetration.