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Lead Sheet Roofing

Lead sheeting provides durable and reliable protection for your roof and property from the elements, and in particular water. It also enhances the appearance of your property with a classic and heritage look that remains timeless. Roofing On-Tap can provide lead sheet roofing for projects of all sizes. From fitting lead cladding on your pitched or flat roof, to repairing existing lead finishing and drainage system components on your roof, our tradesmen and roofers have the experience and skill to deliver high quality workmanship on all types of lead work.

About Lead Sheet Roofing

Lead sheet roofing is suitable for all types of roofing, including flat and pitched roofs. Lead sheeting is also applied to flashings, gutters, parapets, and other detailing and finishing to your roof. Lead is an excellent waterproofing material to protect your roof and your property from the elements. Since it is much more durable than other roofing materials, such as metal or plastic, lead sheeting can offer reliable protection for decades.

Since lead is a non-ferrous metal, it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Over time, it develops a silver-gray patina that is water resistant and insoluble in water. This means that rainwater run-off over the lead surface carries very little lead, making it very safe to use on your property. Since lead sheeting is for the most part made from recycled material, lead is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Lead is also relatively easy to shape, which makes it an ideal material for all types of roof fittings and creating attractive decorative features on your roof.

Our Lead Sheet Roofing Services

Roofing On-Tap’s expert and qualified tradesmen and roofers provide a wide range of lead roofing services. They work closely with you to determine the best use of lead on your roof, including determining the right thickness and weight of lead sheeting for your roof. Our roofing specialists can fit lead sheet cladding for your roof, as well as carry out various lead finishing and detailing, including lead flashing for valleys, gullies, gutters, and other components on your roof. They can also design and install lead decorative features on your roof. In addition to fitting lead sheeting, our experienced tradesmen and roofers can also repairs. Roofing On-Tap can repair, replace, and restore any existing lead work on your roof to fix any leaks, bent sections, or damaged lead work. 

If you are interested in lead sheet roofing for your property, contact Roofing On-Tap today for a free, no obligation quote.