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Lead Flashing

Roofing On-Tap can install lead flashing on your roof to provide you with reliable and durable protection from the elements to help prevent water-related damage. Our qualified and courteous roofers and tradesmen can also repair and replace damaged flashing to restore their ability to effectively drain water from your roof. 

About Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is placed around any protruding structure on tile and slate roofs, including pipes and chimneys. Flashing is fitted between the protruding structure and the tiles or slate. They can also be placed along any break in your roof. Flashing is used to prevent water from leaking into your building from angles and joints by deflecting water away them. Flashing can be made from steel, sheet metal, aluminum, copper, lead, and other materials. These protective barriers can be exposed on the outside of the roof or concealed within the roof’s structure.

Benefits of Lead Flashing

Flashing helps protect your roof and the structure of your building from the elements, particularly from water-related damage. Lead flashing is durable in comparison with other types of flashing. Although it typically lasts for many years, lead flashing can become deformed or damaged over time due to weather or poor fitting. When lead flashing is damaged, water can penetrate into the roof and your property. Leakage can result in structural damage, including water and damp related problems. 

Installing Lead Flashing

Roofing On-Tap can fit lead sheet flashing on all types of tile and slate roofs. Lead sheets are coded according to weight, and our experienced roofers and tradesmen will assess your property to determine the best weight for your roof. In addition to installing durable and attractive lead flashing on new roofs, our experienced roofers and tradesmen can also replace existing flashing made from non-lead materials with new lead flashing.

Repairing Lead Flashing

Over time, lead flashing can creep, split, and tear. Our skilled roofers and tradesman can replace and repair existing lead flashing on your roof when they become worn or damaged. Experienced roofers and tradesmen with Roofing On-Tap will assess your roof to identify any worn or damaged flashing, and provide you with an honest quote and reliable repair options.