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Flat Roof Repairs

Roofing On-Tap provides repairs and replacements for all types of flat roofs, big and small. Our reliable roofers and tradesmen deliver high-quality repairs for all types of projects, including flat roofs on your home, business, building extension, garage, utility building, or any other structure. Whether your flat roof is damaged, degraded or leaking, you can expect superior customer service and unrivalled workmanship when you work with Roofing On-Tap.

Flat Roof Repairs

Roofing On-Tap delivers a range of high-quality repairs to flat roofs of various types and sizes. Our trained and experienced roofers provide durable repairs using the latest flat roof repair products. Roofing On-Tap is committed to offering you honest and affordable fixes to your flat roof, including cost-saving measures to repair your roof where possible. Our roofers and tradesmen can repair flat roofs made from roofing felt, asphalt, timber roof boards, lead, sheet metal, and other materials. Whether your flat roof surface has become degraded or damaged, our expert roofers and tradesmen provide effective and efficient repairs. Roofing On-Tap can also fit, repair, or replace any metal or lead work, including gutters and flashing, to improve water drainage and protection from the elements.

Flat Roof Waterproofing

Roofing On-Tap is committed to protecting your flat roof from the elements, including potentially damaging effects from water and damp. Our experienced roofers can fit and replace all types of waterproofing seals on your flat roof. In addition to replacing felt, asphalt, and bitumen waterproofing seals, our qualified roofers and tradesmen can fit your flat roof with the latest liquid and rubber membrane seals. Increasingly, property owners are opting for liquid and rubber membrane seals for their flat roofs since these seals are quicker to fit and less expensive to maintain. 

Quality Workmanship and Superior Service

Flat roofs are often susceptible to damp and water related damage since water can collect in depressions on the surface. By comparison, sloped roofs do a better job at draining water because of their pitch. Many times water damage can be avoided with properly laid flat roofs. Roofing On-Tap’s detail-oriented roofers and tradesmen work with you to identify the best possible solution to waterproof and repair your roof. They also take care to deliver repairs and fittings to the highest of standards so that any potential water-related damage can be avoided in the future. If you require any repairs to your flat roof, contact Roofing On-Tap today for an honest assessment and a free, no-obligation quote.