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Roof and Leak Inspections

Over time, poorly built and maintained roofs can deteriorate. Weather and building movement can also cause damage to your roof. Roofing On-Tap’s skilled and qualified roofers and tradesmen can inspect your roof for leaks and poor drainage. Using their years of experience, our roofers and tradesmen will complete a fully assessment of your roof to identify any potential problems before they result in serious problems that can put your property, your family, and your finances at risk. 

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Leaking roofs can result in serious water and damp damage within your property. Water damage can affect the structural integrity of your roof, as well as cause serious health problems from damp and mould within your home. Poor drainage resulting from, for example, blocked gutters, eroded pointing, or damaged flashing, can also cause similar water-related issues. Regular inspections of your roof can help detect and identify potential problems in order to repair issues before they cause more serious damage. Inspections and regular maintenance will also help you avoid expensive repairs when leaks and other problems are left undetected or unresolved. 

Leak Finding Inspections

Roofing On-Tap will assess and inspect your roof to identify any leaks and provide you with options to repair damage. Weather you are purchasing a new home or you have a leak in your existing property, our experienced tradesmen and roofers will carefully inspect your roof for poor drainage and leaks. Our qualified and detail-oriented tradesmen and roofers will look for any issue that may be causing water to leak or seep into your property, including eroded pointing, blocked gutters, damaged flashing, and other damage. They will check lead work, flashings, fascias and soffits, pointing and rendering, chimneys, and the general structure of the roof. 

Our Customer Service Commitment

One of the main priorities of Roofing On-Tap is to provide our customers with an accurate assessment of leaks and drainage problems. Our skilled tradesmen and roofers are committed to providing you with durable solutions and delivering high-quality workmanship. Following their inspection and assessment, they will provide you with honest quotes and a range of sound options. If you have a leak or think you might have drainage problems, contact Roofing On-Tap today to schedule a roof inspection at a time convenient for you.