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Roofing On-Tap is well-equipped to maintain your roof and repair any damage, including address issues related to your roof’s pointing. Pointing is the flexible material that is applied to cover a roof’s bedding. This material provides a decorative and attractive finish to your roof, and also helps protect the bedding from the elements. Examples of pointing include brickwork, cement mortar, and roof tiles. Over time, pointing can become damaged, wear, or crack. Our skilled roofers and tradesmen provide a range of re-pointing services to help preserve and restore the look of your roof.

Knowing When Your Roof Needs Re-pointing

A roof’s pointing can become damaged as a result of extreme weather, especially strong winds. Mortar and tiles can also wear and crack over time. You may need re-pointing if you notice pieces of mortar in gutters or gullies, or if you see fallen pieces of tiles or mortar around your property. If you suspect that your pointing is damaged or may need restoring, Roofing On-Tap can help assess what measures need to be taken to re-point your roof.

Benefits of Re-pointing Your Roof

A properly pointed roof protects your property from the elements, particularly rain. When pointing is not adequately maintained, your roof’s bedding can become exposed as brickwork or mortar erodes and weakens, and as tiles and masonry detaches and falls from the roof. Re-pointing your roof can improve the appearance of your property, as well as help protect your roof’s bedding and prevent damp-related problems.

Our Re-pointing Service

Whether you own a heritage property or a contemporary and modern home, Roofing On-Tap’s experienced and qualified roofers and tradesmen can help preserve and restore the look of your roof. Our professional tradesmen are well-trained in re-pointing roof tiles, ridges, hips, and verges, as well as lead valleys. Roofing On-Tap can also re-point chimney stacks on your property. Any new mortar that is used to re-point your roof’s brickwork, masonry, or tiles will be designed and fitted to complement and match your property. Our detail-oriented tradesmen will work with you to ensure you are satisfied that any re-pointing reasonably matches the colour and texture of the existing mortar. They will also carefully remove any damaged pointing and take care not to further damage the masonry when old mortar is removed. 

Before our roofers and tradesmen begin their work, they will assess your roof in order to provide you with a free and accurate quote. In some cases, restoration of roof tiles and masonry may not be an option. If re-pointing is not a viable solution, Roofing On-Tap will provide you with alternative options and estimates for replacing tiles and other masonry on your roof or chimney.