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Roofing On-Tap offers a range of brickwork and mortar services, including pointing work related to your roof. Pointing is an essential part of your roof that offers protection against the elements. Whether you are building a new roof or you need repairs to an existing roof, our expert and well-trained roofers and tradesmen can apply pointing to finish your roof and help protect it from all types of weather conditions.

About Pointing

Although the bedding of the roof provides the main source of protection for your roof, pointing helps seal your roof from water. Typically, pointing is made from cement or mortar and are coloured to match the tiles or slates of your roof. Other sealants can also be used, including acrylic-based pointing. Pointing is used to seal and secure ridges, hips and valleys, as well as flashing and other areas of your roof. The pointing itself is flexible, which means it can expand and contract with hot and cold weather conditions. 

Benefits of Pointing

Pointing or re-pointing mortar and brickwork on your roof will not only restore the beauty of your roof, brickwork, and masonry, but will also provide lasting protection for your roof and property. Over the years, the elements take their toll on brickwork and mortar. Wind, water, and ice, as well as expansion and contraction can result in cracks or weakening of brickwork and mortar. Mortar joints often degrade due to the elements, including areas around windows, walls, chimneys, guttering, and other sections of your roof. This degradation and damage prevents pointing from effectively protecting your roof. Seeping or leaking water can damage the structure of your roof, chimney, or loft space, and result in damp problems within your property. 

Superior Workmanship and Service

Expert tradesmen with Roofing On-Tap will point and re-point all types of masonry and brickwork. Roofing On-Tap offers a range of pointing services, including pointing brickwork on your roof and chimneys, as well as on any flashing, hips, valleys, and other sections of your roof. Our roofers and tradesmen use the best quality adhesives when pointing or re-pointing your roof for rapid and durable results. They will also carefully match the colour of your tiles or slates, ensuring an attractive finish to your new roof or a complete restoration of your existing roof. Their goal is to provide you with a high-quality finish that not only you can be happy with, but also a result they can be proud of since customer satisfaction is one of Roofing On-Tap's priorities.