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Chimney Stacks

Roofing On-Tap is available to provide a wide range of fittings and repairs involving brickwork and masonry on your roof, including building and repairing your chimney or chimneys. Our experienced roofers and tradesmen deliver high-quality repairs to chimney stacks of all sizes, and can also rebuild or reduce stacks.

Benefits of Chimney Stack Repairs

Chimney stacks face difficult conditions. External stacks are constantly exposed to the elements, including wind and rain. Internally, they are put under pressure by heating and cooling cycles, as well as condensation. Chimney stacks can become damaged or weakened due to these conditions, which can leave the structure vulnerable to collapse or pose a potential fire risk. Regularly inspecting and repairing your chimney can help protect your property from the elements, structural damage, and fire. Chimney collapses can result in expensive repairs, as well as cause damage to other parts of your roof or property. Damaged or weathered stacks can also lead to water or damp problems as moisture. If chimneys are not repaired problems can worsen, for example if damp issues are not addresses early they can spread to other parts of your roof and property.

Chimney Stack Restoration and Repairs

Roofing On-Tap provides expert repairs to any problems or faults with your chimney stack. Our roofers and tradesmen can repair the structure of the stack, including replacing any missing or damaged bricks. They can also rebuild your chimney stack, as well as reduce or remove your chimney. Roofers and tradesmen repair any sections of the chimney that are damaged, including flashing that is cracked or bent, which can result in water leaks and seepage. They also re-point any mortar between the brickwork, including pointing on any flashing. Our roofers and tradesmen can also replace chimney pots and repair or restore cement work on your chimney stack, including cement flaunching at the top of the chimney.

Expert Workmanship and Quality Service

Roofing On-Tap’s expert roofers and tradesmen work with you to build, rebuild, or redesign your chimney. They deliver high-quality repairs and will restore the original look of your chimney. Our qualified roofers and tradesmen are trained to identify potential problems with your chimney stack early in order to avoid costly repairs in the longer term. They will inspect and assess your chimney to identify any potential problems, and provide you with a free and honest quote of what repairs are needed. In addition to repairing the brickwork on your chimney stack, they will carefully inspect and repair any flashing and pointing on the stack.