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Chimney Pots, Capping, and Removal

An unused chimney can wear over time, and can become damaged by the elements and intrusive animals. Unused chimneys can also result in heat loss in your property. Roofing On-Tap can cap any disused chimney, as well as remove unused chimneys from your property. Our expert tradesmen also replace and install chimney pots and cowls of all styles and sizes.

Chimney Pot Repair and Installation

Roofing On-Tap’s well-trained tradesmen can fit and replace chimney pots on your chimney. Roofing On-Tap offers chimney pots in a wide variety of styles, colours, and heights. We also offer a broad selection of cowls to prevent wind from blowing down into your chimney stack.

Benefits of Capping or Removing a Chimney

Chimney caps prevent debris from falling into the chimney stack and help keep your fireplace and stack clean. They also help prevent potential damage from nesting birds or squirrels. Caps also prevent heat loss from disused chimneys, which will reduce your heating bills. They also protect your home from the elements. An open, unused chimney can be a route for rain and frost, which can cause damp problems in the stalk and adjacent areas on you property, such as the loft. Rain and frost can also led to erosion in the chimney stack. If you no longer require a chimney, removing it can reduce costly investments needed to regularly repair and maintain your chimney. 

Capping a Chimney

Our experienced and professional tradesmen can cover disused chimneys with reliable caps, such as a flue ventilator. Flue ventilators will stop rain from entering into the chimney while allowing air to pass through for ventilation. If you decide to cap your chimney, you should also block the bottom of the chimney stalk with a register plate or by closing the fireplace’s baffle. Our helpful tradesmen can assit you with properly cap your fireplace.

Removing a Chimney

Since repairs to an unused chimney can be costly, removing a chimney may be a viable option. Roofing On-Tap's skilled tradesmen will remove your chimney from top to bottom, as well as repair your roof to close any gaps left behind from the removal of the chimney. Our tradesmen will carefully assess each chimney before removing it, and will carefully follow local chimney removal and building regulations to ensure a safe removal. They will also verify whether your property is in a conservation area or if it is a listed building, where chimney removal may not be possible without planning permission.

With the expertise of our On-Tap Group partners, we will also provide you with quotes on removing any unused fireplaces and repairing you interior flooring if you chose to remove a fireplace. You can count on full-service chimney removal from Roofing On-Tap.