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Our Services

Roofing On-Tap provides a wide variety of installations and repairs for pitched and flat roofs of all types and sizes. Our professional and qualified roofing specialists take pride in their work, and they are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and superior customer service. Roofing On-Tap serves communities throughout Sussex from our base in Brighton and Hove, and our roofers and tradesmen can offer services to properties as far as Worthing and Eastbourne.

Tile and Slate Roofs

Our roofing specialists provide a diverse range of services for your tiled or slated roof. In addition to designing and fitting new tiled and slated roofs, Roofing On-Tap has extensive experience in replacing tiles and slate, re-tiling and re-slating roofs, and undertaking a wide range of repair work on tiled and slated roofs. Our detail-oriented roofers work diligently to repair and replace tiles and slate, including using our extensive network of contacts to seek out reclaimed and hard-to-find replacements. Roofing On-Tap also delivers high-quality and attractive vertical tiling, and can also design and fit dormer roofs.

Flat Roofs

Roofing On-Tap fits and repairs all types of residential and commercial properties with flat roofs, including extensions and utility buildings. Flat roofs are susceptible to water leaks because of their design. Our qualified roofing specialists build well-designed flat roofs to minimise water pooling and leaks. Whether you own a property with a flat roof lined with felt, asphalt, vinyl, lead, or any other type of cladding, our roofers and tradesmen can repair and restore your roof. We can also install the latest rubber and liquid waterproofing seals on your flat roof.

Lead Works

Durable and reliable, lead is an excellent material to waterproof your roof and protect it from the elements. Our skilled tradesmen and roofers are qualified to fit and repair any type of lead works on your pitched or flat roof. From lead sheet roofing to fitting components on your roof that assist in waterproofing and water drainage, Roofing On-Tap can assist you with all your lead-related needs. Our roofing specialists can fit and repair lead flashing, step flashing, soakers, gutters, and gullies.

Brickwork and Masonry

Pointing your roof, including tiles and metal or lead work, helps preserve your roof and protect it from the elements. Our expert roofers and tradesmen are experienced in pointing and re-pointing roofs to ensure your property had the maximum level of protection against the elements. Roofing On-Tap also have extensive experience in building and repairing brick chimney stacks, as well as replacing and repairing chimney pots. Our roofers and tradesmen can also cap or remove any disused chimney on your property.

Other Works and Services

Whatever your roofing needs, Roofing On-Tap is ready and able to assist you. From building and repairing firewalls to protect your home or business from fire to insulating your loft or attic to create useful storage or living spaces, our roofing specialists have the expertise to deliver high-quality works on your roof. Roofing On-Tap can also fit stunning Velux windows on your roof to bring light into your loft or attic and add value to your property. Roofing On-Tap can also fit, repair, or clean guttering on your property, as well as fit and repair fascias and soffits. 

If you need any type of roofing installation or repair, contact Roofing On-Tap for a free, no obligation quote.